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August 20, 2009

SFAF.org Podcast #61 - Detecting Acute HIV Infections Among Gay Men in San Francisco

In this episode, Steve Gibson, director of Magnet, the Foundation's gay men's health center in the Castro, discusses his upcoming presentation at the 2009 National HIV Prevention Conference. Magnet is on the forefront of RNA testing for HIV in a community setting, helping locate cases of acute HIV infection among gay men in San Francisco and moving the Foundation closer to a goal of having every San Francisco resident between the ages of 13 and 65 know their current HIV status by 2015. Steve shares some of the information that this unique perspective is revealing.

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Steve Gibson has been director of Magnet since he helped launch it six years ago. Prior to joining Magnet, he worked for nearly 11 years at the STOP AIDS Project. Gibson earned his MSW at St. Louis University where he specialized in Community Organizing and Social Justice.

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