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December 11, 2008

SFAF.org Podcast #45 - Milk's legacy: Gay activism and HIV/AIDS

Harvey Milk stands proudly over the gay community as a spiritual leader and now, literally, in a poster from the new film "Milk" rising four stories above Castro Street. In this episode, we talk about the activism Harvey Milk and others cultivated with Kevin Roe, Associate Director of Magnet, the Foundation's gay men's community health center in the Castro. A hub for the gay rights movement in the 1970s and community mobilization for the fight against HIV/AIDS in the 1980s, the Castro has again been the center of demonstrations against the passage of Proposition 8, the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage in California.

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Kevin Roe is an HIV+ native of the Bay Area, he has worked in San Francisco and its Gay Community for over 25 years on issues including community safety, anti-gay violence, HIV prevention and treatment, and HIV prevention community planning. He has a Masters in Public Health and has presented nationally on gay men's health and Magnet's programs and services.

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