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September 04, 2008

SFAF.org Podcast #39 - Magnet finds acute HIV infection with RNA testing

In this episode, Tim Ryan, a registered nurse and the clinical services manager at Magnet, the Foundation's gay men's sexual health clinic, talks about what Magnet's doing differently to encourage sexual health in San Francisco's gay male community and why RNA testing for HIV may reduce HIV infection rates with early diagnosis of acute HIV infection. Recent studies suggest that acute HIV infection may be responsible for up to 50% of new HIV infections in San Francisco.

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Tim Ryan, MSN, RN is the Clinical Services Manager at Magnet. He has been in the nursing profession for the last 27 years, and his background includes 10 years working in critical care in a Level I Trauma Center in Indiana, two years in infectious disease STI/HIV, and working as the director of nursing at Indiana’s first HIV-long term care facility. Ryan is very proud of the team at Magnet, who refer to him as “Nurse Tim.” Magnet’s highly dedicated staff and volunteers are expected to provide services to over 7,500 San Francisco Bay Area individuals this year.

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