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August 07, 2008

SFAF.org IAC Podcast - Congresswoman Barbara Lee discuses a way forward in HIV prevention in the U.S. and around the world

In this episode of the SFAF.org IAC podcast, recorded at the International AIDS Conference in Mexico City, Erik Ireland sits down with Congresswoman Barbara Lee, serving as an active participant in the Conference for the fifth consecutive year.  Representative Lee gives her candid appraisal of recent legislative successes like the reauthorized President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief and calls out where the new bill falls short. She explains why family planning is a vital part of HIV prevention and offers a her solution to years of wasted money on abstinence-only--until-marriage education. The conversation concludes with a few thoughts about the long history of HIV/AIDS advocacy in the Bay Area.

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Barbara Lee is a six-term Democrat representing California's ninth Congressional District, which includes Oakland and Berkeley. Her accomplishments promoting effective, bipartisan legislation to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS and bring treatment to the infected have earned her international recognition as a leader in this fight.  Most recently, Representative Lee worked to remove the ban on people living with HIV from entering the U.S.  She has also been outspoken about HIV/AIDS in the African-American community and in 1998, helped declare a state of emergency in Alameda County to order to secure more funds to fight the disease.  The House has passed her resolution recognizing the goals of National Black AIDS Awareness Day every year since 2005.

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