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January 23, 2008

SFAF Podcast #25 - Dr. Lisa Sterman on MRSA staph infection in the SF gay community

In this episode, Dr. Lisa Sterman discusses MRSA staph infection in the San Francisco gay community. Though MRSA has been around for years, a recent study in the journal The Annals of Internal Medicine has framed it in a new light.  What should everyone know about MRSA?  Are gay men more susceptible to infection?  What's sex got to do with it?

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Dr. Lisa Sterman has been working with gay men in San Francisco since 1986 when she started as a voluteer in the San Francisco General Hospital HIV ward. She's worked for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in HIV research, and for the last 14 years, she's been in San Francisco doing HIV patient care.

For more information on MRSA staph infection in English and Spanish, visit the SFAF.org FAQ page for MRSA.

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