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October 18, 2007

SFAF Podcast #19 - The Next Steps Toward HIV Prevention in Prisons and Jails

In this episode you'll hear an excerpt from our October 11th forum, HIVision: Preventing HIV in Prisons and Jails. Panelists answer an audience question about what must be done to stop an explosion of HIV in U.S. prisons and jails. Today, only 6 jurisdictions provide HIV prevention information or materials to inmates.

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HIVision is an ongoing forum series bringing research and evidence to bear on timely policy and programmatic issues. As thinking on HIV/AIDS continues to evolve, HIVision provides a safe venue to engage the community on potentially controversial topics. For more information, including a full list of the forum panelists, visit the HIVision web site.

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Marc Kolman

One of the points made about reducinge the numbers of those incarcerated is that those who have a Plan will do better on the outside. They'll have a place to go, things to do, people and a life to connect with. This should reasonably provide effective alternatives to incarceration.

We, in Durham, NC, provide an intensive re-entry program for HIV+ inmates returning to the community from NC-DOC facilities. We provide a care coordinator/re-entry specialist to link inmates to community-based services: health care, housing, employment, substance abuse, mental health. We think this is most succesful because of the relationship and skills of our care coordinator who conducts a strengths assesment, re-entry plan, and works with the former inmate in the community for up to 6 months following release. See www.brightproject.org.

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